Town Twinning Opportunity – Update

February 23rd 2021

Exploratory discussions are continuing between the parties. The following matters were discussed:

  • Creation of a relaxed community area for Parishioners and small groups (including Memory Café and play space).
  • Provision, for all age groups, of online Italian language lessons, by qualified teachers – provided via an internet link.
  • Establishment of an ‘Italian Club’ Italian themed events, including demonstrations.
  • Establishment of a group for older Parishioners- with focussed activities and opportunities
  • Planned tourism Opportunities for Parishioners Education and training opportunities for young people aged 14 – 18 years
  • Establishment of cross-cultural sports events Establishment of an annual festival style event in each of the twinning towns
  • Creation of a cross-cultural business forum Establishment and regular meetings of Town Twinning Group.

Parishioners who wish to comment upon this opportunity, pleas contact:

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