Tintagel Visitor Centre - Survey Now Closed

We have been seeking your views on the Tintagel Visitor Centre (TVC). As a Parish Council we are committed to being open and honest and where we can seek views on the big decisions we need to make. The Tintagel Visitor Centre (TVC) has been primarily used to provide information to visitors, whilst also being a gift shop in recent years.

The TVC is funded through the Parish Council and therefore we use funds collected from you as residents. It is important that you have the opportunity to give us your feedback and help us make a decision on how best it is used in the future. We want to ensure during these financial challenging times for us all that we get the best out of the building for you the Parish Residents.

The survey is now closed - the date to complete and hand was Friday 2nd December & your responses may not be included if received after this date.

All feedback will be presented at the Council Parish Meeting on Wednesday 7 December 2022 at the TVC